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Here you can directly load a WiG-Cartridge from wherico.com to get it analyzed.Your login data will only be used to download the file and is not saved permanently!

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Here you can solve Reverse Wherigo Caches.
Simply put in the three six digit codes below.
Here you can generate the three six digit codes from coordinates.These can be used for the original Reverse Whereigo.
You may also generate a password to create a Reverse Wherigo via the original cartridge. Take care of capital letters!

WiG stands for 'Wherigo', a special form of Geocaching. Special files, called cartridges, have to be loaded on a device like your GPSr or smartphone. These are like small adventure games and will lead you to the cache container. There are many different variations of game modes and complexity.


The meaning of 'WiG-Crumbler' is something like crumble a WiG into its parts.
Sometimes there are reasons why you can't completely solve a WiG. Maybe there are tecnical problems (this happens quite often) or you can not find some informations required to play the game because of coinstruction sites or missing information plates. And rarely, really rarely, there are lazy cachers.
When this happens, WiG-Crumbler comes into play. It can split cartridges into their parts and extract the contained informations, which hopefully will help to solve the WiG.

What is does

After uploading a file it will be split into its components. Things like media files (pictures, audio etc.) and the program code will be extracted. After that, the 'encrypted' program code will be decrypted to be able to get the contained text and coordinates. The decoded informations will be displayed afterwards to hopefully help you to solve the WiG.

Reverse WiG?

This is a special form of a WiG. The game will only show you how far the cache is away from your current location and you have to manage to go there. The cartridge of this type of game was developed by -Waldmeister- and is used by many cachers around the world to hide their own Reverse WiG Caches. They all have the same principle: three six digit codes represent encrypted coordinates which you have to enter in the game. This way the cartridge knows wher it should lead you to.
This is the reason, why the WiG-Crumbler can not find any coordinates inside of this cartridge. So there is an extra chategorie 'Reverse WiG' where you can decode the three codes to coordinates. The other way arround is also possible.
More informations about these Reverse-Wigs can be found here and here.

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